Ow! My Back!

Last night Liz went out with some friends. Hayden's in a phase where he gets whiny when she leaves, although he overall a good boy. Ryan was completely fascinated with this foot-long ruler that folds at every inch - he literally played with it for nearly 2 hours straight, and he slept through the entire night...something he rarely does. So, overall things went really well, but this morning I'm at the local Dunn Bros. trying to get some work done for the upcoming Code Camp, and I got up to go to the bathroom after sitting down for an hour or so...and OW! My back, was it ever stiff.

People don't realize how big Ryan is until they actually hold him. He's a tank. Not that I didn't respect Liz's parenting skillz before, but she has to lift that guy around all day all by herself. To those who think stay-at-home parents have it easy or don't have a "real job", I've got a kid that you can lug around for my wife for a day or so and then you can voice that opinion all you want. She's got the harder job out of the two us, that's for sure!

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