Vacation Recap

Just got back from a 5-day vacation in Wisconsin. Here's a quick recap of what when down in the hood:

Tuesday night we drove down to Madison to stay with Liz's sister. Wednesday we talked a bit with her sister and then drove up to my Mom's. We had dinner with her and then stayed overnight at her place. Thursday we visited with Liz's grandmother, and then went to her parent's house for dinner. After that I went to the driving range and grabbed some beers at Von Roth's in Germantown. Friday we met my sister for lunch and then had coffee with Liz's friend Becky. We drove back to her parent's house and went out for dinner. Saturday morning I went golfing at Ironwood Golf Course in Sussex (41-48 on the blue tees - approx. 6400 yards - for a total of 89, baby!) and then we went to our niece's graduation party. We took off for Shakopee around noon.

While I'm not big on bumper stickers, I saw a great one on Wednesday: "God, save me from your followers." 'nuff said!

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