More 1998 Examples

Craig has blogged about an XML bug that shows up in SourceForge, specifically, some XML text wasn't being encoded. Unfortunately, I've found another example of bad XML on a site. Take a look at this feed from Dark Horizons, a movie/entertainment rumor site. The error will change depending on their content - in fact, you may get lucky and get the feed to work, but until they fix their bugs (which they haven't as of the day of this posting) your favorite RSS reader won't be able to process this. Here's a better description of the error I'm seeing today. Other errors are definitely of the we're-not-handling-our-description-content variety.

I don't get this. Just how does somebody offer up an RSS feed without having a clue about XML processing? Or at least making sure it's valid?

* Posted at 08.01.2005 11:11:56 PM CST | Link *

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