OK, to start, none of this is an April Fool's Joke. Anyway, my friends Andrew and Scott finally reactivated their sites. Congratulations go to Andrew on getting his JSP book done for Apress. I went to the Mall of America last Saturday with family - we ended up at Camp Snoopy for most of the time, primarily for my niece and nephew. It was OK, but I really am not comfortable being around a lot of people. Felt like it took 1 minute to move 10 feet. Lots of techie-related things need to get done this week. Since it's snowing pretty bad today, I'll move my workout to tomorrow and work like hell tonight. It's amazing when I'm away for the computer for a couple of days - I really get the itch to get back on the horse. While I've been doing a lot of thinking about the computing industry and what I don't like about it (and I plan to write a Snippet someday soon on my musings), I really do like working with computers.

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