Working On...A Game Program?

To keep my mind sharp while I'm between gigs, I've decided to resurrect a project I worked on a long time ago. It's a program based on a game that shall remain nameless for the time being (no, it's not a simple game like tic-tac-toe or a complex, interactive game like Splinter Cell). It's a pretty simple game, and right now I'm coding up the core rules of the game to make sure players can't do anything outside the boundaries of the game design. The real reason I'm working on the game is to find an excuse to (hopefully) learn about and code up genetic algorithms in the hope of creating a really tough opponent, but...first things first.

I'm also going to try and spent whatever hours I have left on the bench to play more with .NET 2.0. Nothing revolutionary, know...the more you know...

* Posted at 04.05.2005 01:14:26 PM CST | Link *

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