This is Criticism?

Look, if someone doesn't like what I write, that's fine. I'm not out to try and please everyone. There are books that I don't like that others can't stop raving about. That's OK. But this review is simply trash. Take these quotes, for example:

This book is nothing more than a compilation of attribute-related topics from MSDN/SDK plus some idiotic examples plus a little bit of babbling on unreliable and incompelete techniques emphatically named "advanced topics". In fact, the whole book is a scam (see below why).

"Idiotic babbling"? Yeah, that's all I did when I wrote my chapters - just randomly picked words out of my ass. No, wait, Tom and I just randomly picked words out of MSDN. Yeah, that's exactly what we did. That whole section on AOP? Yep, that's a concept out there that the SDK covers completely. AOP is all over the place in the SDK. And Chapter 5? That "advanced" chapter? I'm sure you know all of the details of the FxCop SDK inside and out. Sorry to bore your existence with it.

...attributes are passive elements by nature. The power of attributes resides not in the attributes themselves, but in their consumers: the runtime, the compilers and/or the applications making use of this enriched semantics (see the popular NUnit test engine for example). Without appropriate consumers, attributes by themselves are useless. Now: does "Applied .NET Attributes" teach you how to write such consumers? No, not by far. Such a broad topic can easily cover dozens of well-sized books, not "Applied .NET Attributes" which looks more like a pamphlet written in a bar while enjoying beer with friends than like a serious book.

Yeah, Chapter 5 has nothing to do with consuming attribute, dumbass. Maybe you should've actually read that chapter closely before it went over your head. And Tom and I had beers to celebrate the publication of the book after it was published, thank you very much.

Unfortunately, too much rubbish hights the shelves of the IT sector with no good reason and "Applied .NET Attributes" is one more piece of this kind.

Rubbish, just like your review is.

Marius has the right to state his opinion. But that's all his review is: opinion. And no, I'm not trying to stir up sales of this book. I can guarantee you that the money I make off of book writing is not that much. 5 more book sales won't pay off the rest of my mortgage. Hell, 50,000 wouldn't even cut it!

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