Vacation in 5 Days

I'm taking next week off, and my brain is already aware of that fact :). I haven't had a vacation since Hayden was born, and I wouldn't count that as vacation. Liz is taking Hayden down to Wisconsin to visit family so I'll be a bachelor all week. That has its good points and its bad points. Good in that I'll be able to get a lot of things done that I've been wanting to do, and I'll also be able to just sit on my ass and just relax when I want to as well. Bad in that I'll really miss Liz and Hayden. But, I should be able to stay really busy the entire week so hopefully I won't miss my family too much.

Oh, and I'm sure I'll be playing a lot of golf (weather permitting). I mean, like every day. w00t!

* Posted at 08.01.2005 12:36:43 PM CST | Link *

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