Flagged Links #4

I'm noticing that my favorite RSS reader isn't always "remembering" the links that I flag, so the list is kind of short. I'm probably doing something wrong - I'll keep an eye on it so I don't lose links in the future.

"Introduction to Code Contracts" - I'm seriously thinking of doing a talk on contracts in the near future. I learned about them 10 years ago when I reading "Object-Oriented Software Construction" and it's cool to see them make their way into .NET.

"Improve scalability in ASP.NET MVC using Asynchronous requests" - I've used asynchronous pages in ASP.NET on two projects and it's an extrememly cool feature. It looks like Steve wrote his AsyncController because there wasn't one in the framework. This forum post hints that there should be one when it's released but I'm currently not spending time in ASP.NET MVC so I'm not sure if it's there yet or not.

"Tail-Gunner Profiling" - I'm a big fan of Halo 3 and this page nails it in terms of the different behaviors of individuals who shoot the guns on the warthogs. The language is a little NSFW but the descriptions are spot-on, especially "The Bail Gunner" (how I hate people like that!).

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