MethodBuilder and GetParameters...ARGH!

Yesterday I talked about a cool new Reflection-based feature to get by-ref and array type. However, there's something that's in the Reflection API that's really bugging me:

MethodBuilder method = /* create method here...*/;
ParameterInfo[] arguments = method.GetParameters();

The GetParameters() call fails with a NotSupportedException on a MethodBuilder object. If the dynamic type is created, then the method call is safe, but until that time, you get an exception.

I can't begin to tell you how annoying this is...because it would take too long to explain why I need this functionality. If I could all of the parameter information from a dynamic method before it's "baked", I'd be in a much happier world, but because the method fails pre-"baking", I have to come up with some goofy way to figure out what the parameters are.

It's not going to be pretty...

* Posted at 12.06.2006 02:13:03 PM CST | Link *

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