Seriously, Why Bother?

Here's an article about a guy who agreed to debate one of the biggest nutjobs from creationist circles: Kent Hovind. It's funny to read about Hovind's ridiculous assertions, but I have to wonder, why would anybody bother debating this schmuck? This guy is never going to "convert" an evilutionist; he's only there to make those who think "The Flintstones" show was a documentary feel better about themselves. I feel sorry for this guy, who subjected himself to watching Hovind videos. That's time I'd rather spend sitting in front of a window watching the grass grow. At least I'd learn more about nature that way than if I watched some guy ramble on about the "vapor canopy" that covered the earth before the Flood.

* Posted at 08.29.2005 04:15:40 PM CST | Link *

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