Nearing the End, Typing While Scrunched, and the aC's Blog

I was told yesterday that I'm pretty much done with the project. I've got about two more weeks to finish up on what I've been working on, and then that's it. As with any project, it's been a learning experience. I have a lot more knowledge about ASP.NET and web design than I did before. I also know what to avoid on future projects and what to watch out for as well. At times I've felt stupid for the problems we've had - I feel like I should've caught them sooner. But that's life - you can't anticipate every problem. So long as I don't make them again, that will be a positive result.

I'm creating this entry on the plane back home, and it sucks. I'm completely packed in with very little wiggle room. I've tried working on my laptop before and it's been OK, but today it's very difficult. When I lived near Milwaukee, I would always try to take Midwest Express as you always had more room to get stuff done. In fact, it became such a PITA that I finished this entry the next day!

Also, the angryCoder has a blog - click here to get the RSS feed.

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