CodeDOM Question: How to Set Up the CompilerParameters Object?

I'm doing some work with the CodeDOM classes that augments the C# compiler. Basically, I'm going to tweak the code based on some conditions, and then invoke the real C# compiler. Here's my problem. I want the tool to take the exact same command-line arguments that the C# one does, like this:

myCSharpCompiler /target:library File.cs

The problem is the CompileAssemblyFromFileBatch() method (or any ICodeCompiler method for that matter). The first argument is a CompilerParameters object. It looks like you need to set values like GenerateInMemory, ReferencedAssemblies, etc. I could go through the command-line args passed in Main() and set each property appropriately, but I'm wondering if there's a method that will take a string array and produce a CompilerParameters object that has all of the properties correctly. There is a CompilerOptions string property on CompilerParameters - it looks like that it can take all of the arguments in one string, but I'm not sure if it'll set all of the other props correctly (i.e. I set CompilerParameters to "/target:winexe" so the output will be an EXE, but what happens to the GenerateExecutable property's value?).

There is a method called CmdArgsFromParameters() that's on the CodeCompiler class, but it seems to do the reverse of what I'm looking for. What I'd like is a method in reverse: ParametersFromCmdArgs() that takes either a string or a string array and returns a CompilerParameters object. Does something like this exist? Any help is appreciated - thanks in advance.

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