"Testimony Live" DVD

I finally got some time this weekend to watch everything (yes, everything!) on Neal's "Testimony Live DVD". As I expected, the music was awesome. The religious message is definitely there, but I didn't get offended by that. I respectfully disagree with Neal's views on life, and I just sat back and enjoyed the music.

The commentary on the 2nd CD was great. Neal gives his own recollections of each show on the Testimony tour, including a "Spinal Tap" moment where he plays a solo on his back and...well, he can't get up (with raw concert footage to back up the story). Mike's comments (as Neal recals) was "that went from dramatic to comedic rather quickly." Being in a lot of bands throughout my life, I have my own share of "Spinal Tap" moments. One was when I played bass in a band when I was about 25. My friend Tim was in a band called Neptune that was rather hard to describe (rock + theater + speed metal + other styles), and they had just fired their bass player and they had to play their first show in a couple of weeks, so I welcomed the challenge of playing some difficult music. Tim was a guy I grew up so I welcomed the opportunity to play with him again. The drummer was rock solid, but the..."singer" was one strange individual. He really didn't sing so much as he chanted and spoke - it's really hard to describe via a blog entry. But he was nice guy, and my commitment was for one show, so I figured, what the hell. We did a couple of practice sessions, and then we were off to the show.

Now this is where it got weird. I knew the singer was going to do some theatrical stuff during the songs, but I had no idea what I was in store for. He was in full white makeup - he looked like a god-damn vampire. Halfway through the show he proceeded to throw powder all over the stage (luckily I was nowhere near the sudden snowstorm). After the first song, I was ready for either clapping or booing, but we got dead silence. Nothing. Not a sound from anyone (and the opening band got polite applause after every song). And this is the way it went for the entire set. Not a peep from anyone! I think they were just stunned as to what they were seeing, just as much as I was. I quickly decided to just sit back and get through the gig (which was unusual for me - I prided myself on letting go during a show Angus Young-style and run all over the place). Once it was finally done, we got some cheers from the few who where still there. Since I had no commitment to the band after that show, I quietly packed up my stuff and drove back home with Tim, where we had some good-natured laughter as to what just transpired. I wish I had footage of that show - it was rather strange!

Oh, one other thing about Neal's DVD. During the commentary section, there's a scene where they're all in a bus and somebody lets go with the "fuck" word. Now I wasn't offended in the slightest, but it did suprise me that Neal would have that in a DVD where he is professing his faith and most Christians don't like the work "fuck". I guess it was a mistake, but I actually like it that it was in there. People are people. A word is a word. I have no problem letting f-bombs go throughout the day - what's the difference if I say, "oh darn!" or "son of a fucking bitch!"? I'm mad either way, right? But I don't know why Neal apologized for it. It's just a word, and he didn't say it, so to the 2 or 3 people who complained about it, fuck off, all right? ;)

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