Tuesday Will be a Long Day

I have to crank on my last chapter of my upcoming .NET book, and fortunately I'll have some time tomorrow to get the ideas worked out. My master's thesis advisor always stressed showing examples, and this chapter has two of them. I also don't like cheesy examples; I want them to be solid, so I've spent some time to come up with concepts that I think are good. Unfortuantely, Liz and I will be taking our Easter holiday this upcoming weekend, so I hope to have some writing done tomorrow as well as we leave for Wisconsin early Thursday morning. I need to get up early, and just crank as hard as I can. The big setback is that there is no C# parser in the CodeDOM API, which pretty much hosed my original idea, but I came up with another idea that I know is doable.

I've also been monitoring the site that I worked on 1Q2003. There were a couple of misguided e-mails and postings that I saw that weren't setting the record straight on what it was about, but I just did a Google search on it and the word is spreading. There were also some positive remarks about it as well, which perked me up. It's nice to see people using the site.

One thing that I've been missing lately is the presentation world. I haven't spoken in front of an audience in a while, and I'm getting the itch to do it again. While I don't mind the occasional user group meeting, I have to admit, I'd like to present at a conference. The problem is that my foot hasn't kicked my ass enough to actually find out who to contact and what needs to be done to get my mouth in the room (instead of "foot in the door"...never mind - it's late). If you've done some conferences before and know who to contact about possible opening, send me an e-mail - TIA.

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