12.01.2002 10:40 PM

OK, here's the good news. We're pregnant - 10 1/2 weeks so far. This one is going much better than the last one (e.g. Liz's HGC levels skyrocketed this time). June 28th is the estimated due date.

Man, I am shot. Driving down to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving and back again is really draining. I think once we have our baby the travels won't be as frequent (2 times, maybe 3 tops, a year). We also went to the Packers-Bears game today. That was a blast, but it was a long drive home. I'm also sick of eating out - I feel like a blob right now. I can't wait to get into the gym tomorrow.

Then we come home and find out Simon almost attacked our neighbor that was coming over to feed them when we were gone. He's very friendly to us, but he can be skittish around others. That said, he's never tried to attack someone. I was upset about it - fortunately she was understanding about it (he didn't bite her - whew!) and I think there's just someone about her that Simon doesn't like. Could be her cat's scent on her - I'm not sure. We've had another neighbor watch Simon and Tut and Simon lets her pet him, which is really unusual. I'd hate to have our neighbors afraid of him. Sigh...they joys of being a pet owner.

I really need to take a shower and go to bed. I'm in a good mood, but I'm drained. And I don't have a voice either (screaming at blind football refs doesn't help much - fortunately I don't have to instruct this week).

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