I'd Quit That Day...

...if I saw that the code base looked like this.

This brings an interesting point of asking to see what a potential employer's code base looks like. I mean, would you accept a job at a company that creates code that looks like that? If my salary was tripled, I got 3 months of vacation of year, and I was guaranteed not to work more than 40 hours a week....then maybe I'd consider it!

I find it so funny when I interview people and they never hold my feet to the fire. Why do people consider the interview process one-way? It's not about asking the employer for questions about their health benefits and 401 matching. What about the quality of their products? Do they do things that you'd feel comfortable with? Why wait until after you're sucked into the pit of despair?

* Posted at 07.18.2006 02:01:30 PM CST | Link *

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