Done With Speaking for the Year

This past year I've spoken at 12 events, ranging from national conferences to user groups to code camps. That's far more than I've ever done in the past, and while I've enjoyed it, it's time for a break! I'm not speaking for the rest of the year, and once the DevGuild and TCLangUG meetings are done this week, I'm completely done with any organizational commitments as well. Of course, there's always 2009, and it won't take long before I'm back to speaking. I'm going to do the "The Future of Managed Languages: F#, C#, and Visual Basic" session at the local MSDN Developer's Conference on January 13th. In March I'm going to do a talk on esoteric programming languages at the Twin Cities Languages User Group. I'm sure I'll do a talk on...something (probably concurrent programming) at the next Twin Cities Code Camp. And who know where else I'll end up speaking at!

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